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ATBN’s purpose is three-fold:

1. To help educate others about the needs of those with traumatic brain injuries.

2. To provide a support group in Aroostook County for individuals and families affected by TBI.

3. To purchase a home near New England Rehab Hospital in Portland, ME where they can provide a

housing resource for TBI survivors and their families during rehab.

Brain injuries are life changing, for the injured as well as their loved ones.  Join the Morneault family as they continue on their own journey; may it be a blessing to you and those around you as you read their stories.

To gain insight into the life of a TBI survivor, check out Mindy’s story. She shares her journey, from her soccer injury to the daily struggles that still affect her today, 2 years later.

For a look into a mother’s heart and mind during her daughters injury and recovery, check out Sue’s story. She shares the intense emotions that ran through her mind during Mindy’s injury and her life since then.

Need a quick guide to resources available for those with TBI? Check out our resource page where we have compiled links of organizations, authors and much more to help you on your own journey.

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Welcome to All Things Become New, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBI).  ATBN was created by Mindy and Sue Morneault after Mindy sustained a head injury while playing soccer. After spending so much time and money treating her medical conditions, the idea to help other families in the same situation was formed.

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